Schlage Locks

About Schlage Locks

Schlage is a brand that is known for producing a variety of locks and security products that fit several styles and purposes. Being in the industry for over 90 years, they apply a great deal of expertise, perfected by experience, and design durable locks using relevant technology and know-how. Whether mechanical or electronic locks, Schlage has a reputation for delivering strong and durable locks and hardware that provide the adequate protection that a reliable lock should provide for homes and commercial buildings.

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we ensure that our clients have access to all types of locks and modern security hardware, which is why we stock Schlage locks.

Schlage Locks Design

Schlage produces their locks in a variety of designs that are functional, yet stylish and visually appealing. As such, no matter your preference, whether you need a more traditional lock or one that provides electronic access, there is a Schlage lock for every client.

Schlage range includes deadbolts, knobs and levers as well as modern locks powered by electricity. There are also those which are Bluetooth enabled. If you need keypad locks that allow access via wireless networks, Schlage provides a variety to choose from including locks that are designed to use keys as an alternative to keypads. There are also touch screen locks that make use of the latest technology in security, for an integrated system when it comes to exploring modern and contemporary lock options to suit any style and type of building.

Schlage mechanical locks are designed with durability and functionality in mind. As such, they offer a range of innovative and professionally crafted locks. They make use of complex keyway shapes and cylinder lines including the Everest, Primus, Everest Primus XP designs.

As a forward moving company that makes use of innovative technology, Schlage also designs locks that provide electronic as well as keyless solutions.  For more access and control, they have a range of locks designed with keyless technology, which allows for synchronization with your devices, such that you can manage your door security from anywhere and at anytime.

What is the History of Schlage Locks?

Schlage is a lock manufacturing company that was founded in San Francisco by Walter Schlage in 1920. He secured a number of patents including bored cylindrical lock and later, the push button cylindrical lock, which was a combination of two earlier patents. Today, Schlage is one of the most popular lock producers that clients trust.

How Much do Schlage Locks Cost?

Schlage locks are highly cost-effective. As a prominent locks manufacturing company, Schlage produces a wide range of durable locks and modern security fittings which are priced based on the various types. By contacting KC Worthing Locksmiths on 01903 641 250, you can get a well detailed quotation, as well as information on installation, maintenance, repairs and other related services.

How Secure are Schlage Locks?

Schlage locks are built to provide adequate security for both commercial and residential buildings. They are highly durable and with their electric and Bluetooth enabled lock options, you have greater control over your security. Contact KC Worthing Locksmiths to find out more.