RR Brink Locks

About RR Brink Locks

RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. specialise in designing and manufacturing high security mechanical and electromechanical locks. Reputed for their quality workmanship, product innovation, and installed product backup service, RRBLS offers an all-inclusive collection of locks designed for correctional facilities. While RR Brink locks are primarily used in detention and correctional facilities, KC Locksmith and Sons install them in various establishments that can benefit from solid, durable locks including offices, casinos, museums, and banks in Worthing.

How do RR Brink locks work?

RR Brink has a collection of electromagnetic deadlocks built of heavy stainless steel. Intended for use with swinging or sliding metal doors in minimum to high security environments, many are jamb mounted. A number of optional features are offered by RRBLS electromechanical locks including the Lever Eskort to satisfy persons with disabilities, a safety knob to limit handgrip, and various others. Rest assured, we’ll recommend and install the appropriate features for your situation, wherever you are in Worthing. RR Brink mortise cylinders are massive and feature a keyway large enough to almost accommodate two regular-sized keys, a feature necessitated by the greater amount of torque needed to open the lock. These locks can be keyed on either one or two sides and the key may be retrieved only when the bolt is completely deadlocked or retracted. This feature is useful for alerting the key holder to an attempted security breach or an obstruction of the bolt.

RR Brink locks Design

In RR Brink electromechanical locks, the stainless steel strike plates are normally synthetic coated to reduce friction, while the working parts are constructed of stainless steel or copper alloy. Featuring a mortise lock and cylinder, the lock mechanism is built into the door, which is drilled or cut to create a pocket for the mortise lock. The brand’s rugged mechanical deadbolts have their front, working parts, and lock case constructed of stainless steel, well suited for medium to high security environments. A number of RR Brink mechanical deadbolts come with adjustable handling, reversible according to the door swing and an armour front that can be calibrated to correspond with the level of the door edge bevel.

What is the history of RR Brink locks?

Founded in 1976, RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. started manufacturing the narrow jamb prison lock for swinging doors in 1978. 12 years later in 1990, the firm began to produce various other designs including sliding door models, taking a cue from other brands.

How much do RR Brink locks cost?

RR Brink locks cost between £6 and £50 for basic lock systems.

How secure are RR Brink locks?

As you might expect from a brand recognised for designing locks for medium to high security establishments, RR Brink locks are incredibly secure. For extra security, RRBLS produce their maximum security locks without master keys to limit the key control. At KC Locksmith and Sons, we’ll readily install them in correctional institutions, banks, casinos and other facilities that require top security in Worthing.