Replacing Your Door Locks

How secure are your locks? Many people are unaware of how weak their door locks are until it’s too late. It’s not enough to use the most high-tech locks on your door. Even the strongest, burglarproof doors are susceptible to simple human error. This means that sometimes the problem isn’t the lock but the human factors around it.

When To Change Your Locks

No matter how secure your locks are, there are certain situations during which a change of locks is recommended such as:

  1. After a break in: To put it simply, if it’s been done once it could easily happen again. Once a lock has proven that it can be compromised then there is no sane reason to continue using it.
  2. Old or worn out: If you’ve had your locks for a while they could be suffering from corrosion and other problems. Furthermore, once a particular lock has been on the market long enough, there’s always a good chance that burglars have figured out how to get past them.
  3. After losing your keys: It doesn’t matter where or how you lost your keys. Once you’ve lost even a single copy of your key, it’s safer to assume the worst. In certain cases, if your keys inexplicably go missing before suddenly reappearing, it may also be safer to change your locks.

If you constantly lose or misplace your keys then you may also want to consider investing in a lock with keyless entry.

  1. After a change of staff: Former employees who previously held keys to your property such as house helps and security guards can be a potential security risk. You can’t be sure that copies of your keys were not made.
  2. New House: When you move into a new house, whether you’re buying or renting, you want to have your own locks in place. Even locks in brand new homes may have been put in by unscrupulous Worthing Locksmiths.

Who Should Change Your Locks

Unless you’re a certified locksmith, there is no reason for you to fit your own locks. If you don’t have the expertise, you could fix the wrong lock on your doors or you could fit the right lock badly. Both situations will put your house at the risk of getting burgled. To fit your locks, always call a certified Worthing locksmith such as K C Locksmiths & Sons.

There is also the issue of trust involved. Locksmiths have inside knowledge on the type of locks you have and may even keep copies of your keys if they are unscrupulous. You should always go with a locksmith that has a good reputation of serving people in your area.

When you work with uncertified Worthing locksmiths, they could fit your locks incorrectly or they could make copies of your keys or pass on sensitive information to other people. A professional Worthing locksmith will not only have the expertise to do the job but will also treat your locks as a private matter. This can go a long way in keeping you safe.

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