Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll

About Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll

For 40 years, the Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll brands have thrived globally manufacturing and marketing innovative and high security locks and access controls features for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we trade on all types of Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll locks and also provide our clients in Worthing with accompanying services like Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll lock installation, repair, replacements, and maintenance. In fact, the Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll brands rank among our preferred lock manufacturing partners.

Although the original Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll locks are often imitated, you can count on KC Worthing Locksmiths to supply the real deal within Worthing.

Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks Designs

Both Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll come in assorted designs for a wide range of applications. From high security simple locksets for domestic application to sophisticated electromechanical access control solutions, KC Worthing Locksmiths deal on all things Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll..

Mul-T-Lock comes in designs like the ENTR™- Smart Lock solution, commercial access controls, Electromechanical key platforms, padlocks, door cylinders (both oval and euro profiles), locksets, and lock cases.

In the case of Ingersoll locks, you get the classic Ingersoll 10 lever cylinder, which is available in Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome, and Polished brass. You can also have the Ingersoll Lock integrated with the modern Mul-T-Lock integrator cylinder and key registration card, either in Polished Chrome or Polished Brass.

History of Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll

Founded in New York City in the 1890’s by the brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll, the Ingersoll Watch Company was initially called Robt. H. Ingersoll & Bro. The brothers became popular for making the Ingersoll ‘Dollar Watch’, which sold in the market for $1 each. From there, the company grew into a lock manufacturing brand.

Invented by Mr. J. W. Taylor in 1944, the 10-Lever Ingersoll was introduce in the market in 1969 and has been in production ever since. Ingersoll have operated in a variety of premises over the years, including Willesedon, London, and has now been acquired by Assa Abloy.

Mul-T-Lock, on the other hand, fully belongs to Assa Abloy. The company is popularly known as a worldwide authority in full door opening solutions. With an annual turnover of €6 billion and a workforce of 44,000 employees worldwide, the Assa Abloy franchise includes locks, security doors, access control systems, and entrance automation.

How Much Are Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks

Some people consider some Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks to be costly. But when you consider that these brands of locks are built for high security and durability, you begin to see that they are affordable on the long run.

Still, compared to some other brands, Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks are affordable both on the long and short run. At KC Locksmiths, our high purchasing power enables us to make our Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks even more affordable for our clients.

For instance, an Ingersoll Nightlatch Replacement Lockcase cost around £90.55 while Replacement Mul-T-Lock Ingersoll Cylinders cost around £92. Ingersoll Electric Release Plates for SC73 costs around £129, and Replacement Ingersoll SC1 Cylinders cost £91.75. Also, you can obtain a Mul-T-Lock single cylinder for around £135.

How Secure Are Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks?

The Ingersoll automatic deadlocking action and classic 10 lever mechanism make for an invincible security system and are widely recognised as the epitome of high security. Mul-T-Lock, on the other hand, has a global integrity that is unbeatable. Locks under the brand strictly comply with both UK and international standards like ISO14001, VDS, CPC, ISO 9001/2000, SI 18991, and UL. With Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll Locks, your security is always assured.

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