Medeco Locks

About Medeco

Medeco is one of the major subsidiaries of the ASSA ABLOY Group of companies. The ASSA ABLOY Group is well known among Worthing locksmiths to be a leading manufacturer of locks that ensure the safety, security and ease of mind of its end-user.

For about 50 years now, Medeco has operated within the security industry and emerged as a trailblazer among its competitors as an innovator that delivers quality locks that guard the homes of families and the assets of business owners.

Medeco locks are manufactured in Salem, Virginia, U.S.A, and have been commonly used to secure the premises of U.S. military and government installations around the world. So you can only imagine the kind of security a Medeco lock will afford your Worthing home.

In the U.K, including Worthing, Medeco locks have been used to secure schools, universities, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as residential premises.

What types of Medeco Lock designs are there?

Our lock specialists at KC Worthing Locksmiths have installed several locks from Medeco’s wide range of innovative and high quality locks in homes and other Worthing buildings over the years. Examples of lock designs most of our Worthing clients prefer from Medeco include.

  • Deadbolts: Medeco’s Deadbolts are strong and reliable, and you can depend on them to secure your home against unauthorized entry.
  • Rim and Mortise Cylinders: Medeco’s rim and mortise cylinders have been reinvented to deliver patented key control to your building, as well as impressive physical security that burglars will find daunting.
  • Padlocks: Medeco’s range of high security padlocks have been designed to stand strong in the face of brute force attacks and weather elements. Be it their mechanical or their eCylinder padlock you’re using, it’ll keep your property secure until your key says otherwise.

What is the history of Medeco Locks?

Back in the 1950s, Medeco was originally called the Mechanical Development Company. It was founded by Roy C. Spain and Paul A. Powell in Roanoke County. Spain was later awarded the patent for a lock that he designed. It was this innovation by Spain that led to the birth of Medeco as a lock company based in Salem in 1968.

To promote his lock, Spain put out an advert for anyone to come try their hands at picking his lock. The one who succeeded in picking the lock would be entitled to a cash prize of $50,000. After many failed attempts, a New York detective was the only person to succeed in picking the lock – A feat the detective was incapable of reprising.

By 1985, Medeco had designed a new lock and it was named Biaxial. It was instantly popular for its key control and high security features including its hardened steel parts that protected it against most physical attacks. By the early 90s, Medeco had debuted its first electronic lock.

How secure are Medeco Locks?

All Medeco locks are designed to be highly secure. They are usually pick and drill resistant and their patented key control system make unauthorised duplication of your keys nigh impossible.

For a Medeco lock to secure your home or business in Worthing, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmiths on 01903 641 250.