Legge Locks

Our locksmiths in Worthing usually have an advice for people just moving into a new building. That is to change the entire locks– at least the entrance locks. It is also an opportunity to consider replacing them with strong locks like Legge.

About Legge Locks

Legge locks and latches are manufactured under the Allegion brand, a company known globally for providing commercial and residential security solutions, as well as products. Allegion, which was originally formed in 1908 broke out of the Ingersoll Rand and became independent in 2013. However, it has the Legge brand among its subsidiaries.

Besides Legge, Allegion also makes 26 different brands of latches, locks and other security products including Cisa, Briton, Interflex, Schlage and Krptonite. Legge locks vary in security levels from medium to high, so it is affordable at any budget. Even the most ordinary security needs are covered.

Legge Locks are backed by manufacturers guarantees, including a 3-year guarantee that comes with night latches and rim locks. Allegion is headquartered in Ireland, but Legge locks can be bought in the UK from KC Locksmiths in Worthing.

What is the History of Legge Locks?

Like most UK locks and security companies, Legge was started in Willenhall, in 1881. The founder, Josepgh Legge developed cabinet locks at the time. His original works consisted of a few small shops, some hand presses and a small outfit of tools.

Later, he began to manufacture a full range of mortice, cylinder, rim and cabinet locks. The standards that were set in terms of quality and favourable working conditions have been maintained under the Legge name.

In 1888, Mr Legge bought the business of Joseph Collett & Co. and gradually began to grow his lock company. Then his product range expanded to include building locks, locks for traveling cases, and cabinet locks. The firm eventually set up its own malleable iron and brass foundaries. By 1914, it had an extensive product range and over 200 employees in New Zealand, Australia, India and South Africa.

What is the Legge Locks Design?

Today, the standard Legge lock is designed with contemporary and period designs (much like the time of the founder) to suit different use situations. Legge’s locks consists of mortice locks with three lever security options and dimensional coordination.

The product range also involves non-modular two level locks, with the product line featuring tubular latches with the option of a privacy lock (or not). There are also surface mounted rim locks, including various bathroom locks and latches.

How does a Legge lock work?

Legge locks come in various designs and function. For instance, a typical Legge 707 and 727 Deadlocking Nightlatch features a 5 Pin rim cylinder. The deadlocking facility has been designed to use the key on the outside and the Snib from the inside. The Snib function also allows the Latch to be held back. Each lock comes with 3 keys.

How Secure is a Legge Lock?

The security level of each Legge lock varies with the function in question. There are lock mechanisms designed for the simplest security use such as padlocks. And there are also high-level security doors. For home security, a high security Deadlocking latch is very effective.

How much does a Legge Lock cost?

The cost varies with each product.  The Legge 707 and 727 Deadlocking Nightlatch costs £20.99 (plus VAT), while the Legge 3722LK & 3724LK Locking Tubular Latch goes for as low as £4.46.

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