Kwikset Locks

About Kwikset Locks

Lock and lockset manufacturer, Kwikset, operates out of the USA. The brand produces its locking systems in its facilities located in North Carolina, Texas, Charlotte, Denison, Mexico, and China.

Due to Kwikset’s effective branding strategy and reliable quality lock designs, their products come highly recommended by locksmiths in the UK – especially locksmiths like us in the Worthing area.

What is the history of Kwikset Locks?

Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe together birthed the Kwikset brand in 1946. The brand was introduced to the world at the moment Karl and Adolf released their tubular lock named “Kwikset” on the market. The lock was named Kwikset because of how easy and fast it was to install.

Kwikset attained the title of “#1 Manufacturer of Residential Locksets” after it was acquired by the American Hardware Corporation (AHC) in 1957. By 1964, AHC had become a part of Emhart Manufacturing Corporation who was in turn acquired by Black & Decker in 1989. Black & Decker became Stanley Black & Decker in 2010 after it merged with Stanley Tools.

In 2007, Kwikset introduced to the world its first keyless security technology called SmartScan. This lock design didn’t use a key, instead it utilized a keyless technology that operated via a fingerprint scanner to unlock doors. Over the years, Kwikset has improved on their keyless technology and have introduced subsequent and better locks operated by keyless technology, including the Key Control Deadbolt which makes use of SmartKey rekey technology.

Currently, Kwikset exists as a subsidiary of the Spectrum Group of companies that acquired the Hardware and Home Improvement Group, which had acquired Stanley Black & Decker with Kwikset still under them.

What Kwikset Lock Designs are available?

Over time, Kwikset has become popular for developing a wide range of easy to install locksets as well as highly efficient security locks. An example of a highly efficient Kwikset security lock is their innovative patented SmartKey deadbolt.

Their keyless entry combination locks, and Kevo are other locks with unique designs that have set Kwikset apart from its competitors. In our years of experience installing Kwikset products on Worthing homes, our lock specialists have come to agree that the brand has been consistent in meeting the security needs of our Worthing clients.

How much do Kwikset Locks cost?

More often than not, the brand of lock with the most pocket friendly price you can have installed is a Kwikset lock. Their SmartKey cylinder models cost a little more than their other products, but the extra cost is worth the added security that comes with the product.

How secure are Kwikset Locks?

Kwikset is popular across the world for manufacturing locks with admirable security features to secure properties that have a need for either average or maximum security. Our Worthing locksmiths agree that Kwikset’s SmartKey technology is certifiably efficient at resisting bumping and lock picking.

We offer and install only the highest quality locks on the homes and businesses of our Worthing clients because they are WORTH IT. For any enquiries concerning cost of a Kwikset lock or how we can help you install one, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmith on 01903 641 250.