Keys Cut From Code

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we are masters at cutting keys from code, and we have decades of experience working in the industry to back it up. The type of keys you want cut from code is not a problem. Are they keys to your home, your car, office furniture, your warehouse, or your safe? As long as you want perfect replicas, we will always deliver.

Bunch of keys from KC Locksmiths BrightonHow KC Worthing Locksmiths Cut Your Keys from Code

Every locksmith needs a code machine, and at KC Worthing Locksmiths, we make use of advanced ones. With adjustable depth and space locations, the machines ensure our key replication service is as precise as we promised.

In cutting a key from code, we first determine the code (a sequence of alphanumeric cipher unique to the key) and whether it’s one of the two types of codes—a blind code or a bitting code.

When it’s a blind code, we use software or a chart to translate it to a bitting code, which we then use to replicate your key. The bitting code maps out the geometry of a key using its depth and spacing number, each number in the code matching a cut on the blade of the key.

So while a key with shallow cuts may have 222 2222 and 50 as its depth and spacing number, one with deeper cuts may have 777 7777 and 50.

Our Master Locksmiths Are Masters in Cutting Keys from Code

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, our experience in cutting keys from code is reinforced by the well trained and principled locksmiths in our staff. With deft skills gathered through years of cutting various types of keys, and with our innovative code machines, they can produce exact copies of any key you want replicated.

It’s worth noting that key codes are mostly blind codes and, for security purposes, the publication of code charts and computer programs are only available to licensed locksmiths. The fact that we make use of such charts and software, even though our locksmiths are experienced enough to sometimes decipher the bitting code simply by examining a key, is a proof of our license to operate in the industry.

Why Choose KC Worthing Locksmiths to Cut Your Keys from Code?

  • We have over four decades of experience working in the industry.
  • Our master locksmiths are well-trained experts in cutting keys from codes.
  • We are dedicated to our customers’ safety and satisfaction.
  • We offer a 24/7 emergency key cutting service.
  • If you experience any issues with the keys we supply or cut for you, and this is highly unlikely, we are always here in Worthing to support you.
  • We don’t only cut keys from code, we also supply, install, repair, and maintain locks and other home and office security systems.

Reach out to KC Locksmiths If You Are in Worthing; Let’s Help Cut Your Keys from Code

No matter the type of key, no matter the hour of day or night, we are always here in Worthing to cut your keys from code. Call us on 0127364001.