Keyless Entry Systems

Traditional keyed locks have been around for over a century. In that time, the flaws of these systems have been exposed countless times. Even when the risk of methods like picking and bumping have been greatly reduced, many Worthing Locksmiths have noted that there is always the danger of the key ending up in the wrong hands. Traditional locks also come with the added disadvantage of having to carry around the keys all the time. This is not just uncomfortable but also makes the keys easier to misplace.

What Is A Keyless Entry System?

As the name suggests, keyless entry systems seek to do away with the need for keys on locks. In place of keys, these systems use electronic locks that can be activated using various means such as a passcode that is memorized, voice commands, finger prints, retinal scans, proximity to a mobile device such as a phone, and in some systems, the locks can be opened remotely via wireless internet systems.

While keyless systems have been in use for a while such as in cars, these systems have been less common around homes. This has mostly been due to the cost of the previously available systems. However, emerging technologies have significantly lowered the cost of these systems, and now even you can have one installed in your home by a Worthing Locksmith.

Benefits Of Keyless Entry Systems

  1. No picking or bumping: Systems that are completely keyless have no keyholes and thus, methods like picking and bumping will not work on them.
  2. No more losing your keys: It’s very easy to forget your keys at work, on a restaurant table or even inside the house. However, with most keyless systems, you will always have with you the means of opening the door.
  3. Easy to upgrade: Upgrading a regular lock usually means that you need to get a brand new lock. This can be quite expensive depending on the locks you use. With the electronic keyless systems, upgrades may be as simple as upgrading the device’s firmware. In addition, if you lose the code to your lock or if it ends up in the wrong hands, it will be much simpler to simply change the code on the door.
  4. Remote operation: You can now get keyless systems that can be operated via the internet. This means that you’ll still be able to let someone into your house or secure your house even when you’re not in.
  5. Analyze more: With traditional locks, all you need to gain entry is a key but keyless entry systems may have smart features integrated to analyze other things so as to prevent unauthorized entry even if someone has the right codes. It’s also easier to integrate alarm systems in these locks so you can be notified of a potential break in even if you are far away.

The Human Factor

Despite all these benefits, keyless systems are not completely infallible. Mistakes such as giving codes to the wrong person, writing down entry codes and other such mistakes can still put your system at risk. You should also have your keyless entry systems put in by certified Worthing Locksmiths. This will ensure that the system is correctly installed.

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