Kaba Locks

About Kaba

The Kaba Company is a well-known lock manufacturing firm with its headquarters in Rümlang, Switzerland. But they have operating facilities in over 60 countries.

One of the reasons why the Kaba brand has been able to gain worldwide recognition is because of its effort and success in making locksmiths around the world recognise their locks are quality and secure products.

What types of Kaba lock designs are available?

Our lock specialists at KC Worthing have used a wide range of Kaba lock designs to satisfy the needs of our clients within the Worthing area. Examples of locks from Kaba that we frequently install on Worthing residences include;

  • Kaba Cylinder locks with reversible keys: Cylinder locks made by the Kaba Company are innovative, sophisticated, and most important, they’ve been tested by our lock specialists to be a secure form of cylinder locks. The keys on these locks have been designed to be convenient for its end-users and this has been accomplished by designing the keys to have no bottom or top.
  • Kaba Cylinder locks with serrated keys: Cylinder locks from this worldwide brand work using serrated keys that have been tested and proven to be security capable and at the same time cost effective.
  • Kaba Industrial locks: The Kaba range of Industrial Cylinder locks are physically strong and come with impressive anti-break in features.
  • Kaba Padlocks: Kaba’s latest range of padlocks come with an impressive key control system and anti-lock picking features. They are built of durable materials and their shackle is shrouded, all combined to give your property the best form of physical security.

But the Kaba Company isn’t limited to just providing mechanical locks that can be used to secure your Worthing abode. They also have a range of secure electrical locks. Such as their compact and energy efficient Digital cylinder locks, their Electronic door locks, as well as their Card readers that can be quickly installed and used to secure residential or commercial buildings.

What is the history of Kaba Locks?

In 1862, Kaba was founded by Franz Bauer in Zurich. It started off as a cash register factory and locksmith shop. In 1915, the business was sold to Leo Bodmer, who restructured the company and renamed it Bauer AG.

In the year 1934, Fritz Schori, an inventor, designed a new type of cylinder lock that used a reversible key. This cylinder lock was patented by Bauer AG and the invention was named after the firm’s founding father, Franz Bauer. In German, the name Bauer is derived from ‘Kassenbauer’ which means “maker of cash registers”. It was Kassenbauer that was shortened to become ‘Kaba’ in 1995.

How much does a Kaba lock cost?

The price of a Kaba lock is usually dependent on its design and features. For a Kaba lock at a price that’s right for you, call us on 01903 641 250.

How secure are Kaba Locks?

Kaba’s mechanical locks have been proven to be masterpieces that utilise innovative lock technologies to provide security. In Worthing homes, Kaba’s mechanical locks have proven themselves to be a secure and convenient security option that can be easily combined with electronic access control systems.

For a Kaba lock to boost the security of your home or business in Worthing, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmiths on 01903 641 250.