Interesting Locks To Boggle The Minds Of Burglars

At KC Worthing Locksmith we provide excellent security services and locksmith solutions to both residential and industrial structures within the Worthing area.

Our services ensure our clients can rest easy knowing their properties are secure under our locks. We also offer locksmith solutions to guarantee our client can access their property whenever they so desire, while keeping out undesired elements.

But, there are certain locks out there in the world -some of which Worthing Locksmith recommends- that not only keep your properties safe but also serve the purpose of driving burglars and would be trespassers crazy.

The Labyrinth Lock

This lock uses no keys and is certain to either frustrate a burglar or challenge his wits. Even its owner will not be immune to this lock’s charm because to unlock it, you’ll need to patiently drag its locking mechanism through the intricate maze of a labyrinth. This lock is not recommended by Worthing Locksmith to anyone in a hurry to either leave or enter their residence.

Samsung Ezon

This is a user-friendly smart lock coming from the stables of tech powerhouse – Samsung. This smart lock provides its user(s) digital access to the deadbolt mechanism of their door lock through the use of either a secure passcode or via an authentication RFID card scan. This smart lock requires no physical key whatsoever and comes with a tamper-proof alarm system that will go off immediately its sensors detect any monkeying with the mechanism. The device is weather proof and is shielded against damaging electrical surges. There’s also a fire detection feature and an automatic locking mode for added security.

Arvind Padlock

This padlock of Indian origins is just as mysterious as the race that invented it. The padlock requires certain secret tricks to unlock.

First, a bolt has to be pulled out of the lock’s body after which the keyway’s shield needs to be removed by turning it to a 9 o’clock position. Next, the key will be inserted into a very atypical lock that uses a lever system. Trying to pick this lock is of no use without first revealing the keyway.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

It looks like a standard door lock, but it is actually an innovative piece of smart home security.

This lock utilizes your smartphone as your house key by allowing you to touch your phone to the door to unlock it. This smart lock can be installed with just a screwdriver and without any assistance, but it is advised to procure the services of a trusted locksmith such as KC Worthing to avoid any installation errors. The Kwikset Kevo allows you to create duplicate e-keys for family and friends you wish to grant access and the device also stores history of all those who have accessed the lock – This ability to log and track the coming and goings through the lock is a handy security feature. The companion app for Kwikset Kevo is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

New Gulshan Padlock

Seeing a padlock and its key and a noticeable keyway, you assume unlocking the padlock to be uncomplicated, but that’s not the case with the New Gulshan. If you were to simply insert the appropriate key into the evident keyway of the Gulshan Padlock, you’d accomplish nothing.

Regardless how hard you jiggle, twist, turn, and kick or press on the lock’s body, the Gulshan lock will stubbornly resist your advances until you handle it the way it wants to be handled. The first thing to note is that the obvious keyway is mostly decorative and in no way interacts with the locking mechanism within. Thus, attempting to pick the lock via this keyhole will be equally useless. What the Gulshan locks require is for a small button located on the lock to be pressed by using a thin needle like addition on the lock’s key. If you use your bare hands to attempt depressing this secret button, there will be no results. After the button has been pressed, a spring loaded mechanism will engage and a little opening will become visible, revealing the true keyway on the padlock. The formerly useless key can then be used to open the padlock via the newly revealed opening.


Haven is a startup that has invented a smart door lock with no visible locks to pick and no deadbolts to break.

Haven Smart Lock disregards the normal design of door locking mechanisms and is instead planted at the base of a door where it uses a wedge to give your door reinforced support against forced entry. The Haven smart lock is built from a combination of steel, aluminium and glass reinforced nylon to ensure its durability.

Like most smart locks, Haven uses your smartphone to control the locking mechanism and has absolutely no use for traditional physical keys. Access can be extended to families and friends. It is battery powered and will remain operational in the event of a power outage or no internet.


The Nokē padlock is a fully keyless padlock that can be opened via a downloadable app on your smartphone or tablet that utilizes Bluetooth signalling. We’ve already referred to three other smart locks prior this one, so what makes Nokē special? Maybe because this peculiar smart lock can be unlocked with Morse code.

If the shackle of the lock is depressed in a set sequence of short and long depressions, the lock will pop open. There is no option of using a physical key to override the lock, but there is provision for a port at the bottom of the device that can be accessed to jumpstart the lock in case its battery goes flat. The Nokē does not make use of magnets in its locking mechanism, but it does apply ball bearings to ensure the lock can’t be shimmied.

There’s our list of locks that use both futuristic technology and cunning to baffle burglars.

To conclude, we at KC Worthing Locksmith strongly recommend you do not purchase a lock solely because of its novelty. Rather, purchase a lock from a reputable locksmith that assures you durability, reliability and security.

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