Imperial and Willenhall Locks

About Imperial and Willenhall Locks

Imperial Locks are the only surviving independent British lock brand in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1982 in Willenhall, they are currently manufactured by The Guardian Lock and Engineering Company Ltd.

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we deal on, and offer a wide range of services pertaining to, Imperial Locks. Some of these services include Imperial Locks installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Imperial and Willenhall Lock Design

Imperial Locks come in assorted designs. Whether you need Imperial Locks for your bathroom or your fire escape, KC Worthing Locksmiths can help. Some of the Imperial Lock designs we deal on include:

  • Architectural 3 & 5 lever mortices locks.
  • Euro & oval profile cylinders mortices locks cases.
  • Fire escape & padlocks.
  • Euro & oval profile cylinders.
  • 72mm centre cylinder mortice locks.
  • Mortice bathroom locks.
  • Mortice latches.

What Is the History of Imperial and Willenhall Locks?

For nearly 500 years, Willenhall has played an important role in the U.K lock manufacturing industry. In fact, this medium-sized town in the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, in the West Midlands houses Imperial Works, which has (since 1985) been the home of the Guardian Lock and Engineering Company Ltd, the manufacturers of Imperial Locks.

The company itself was founded in 1982 by Cyril Page, Brian Crutchley, and Fred Sherratt, who were previously employed at Erebus Locks, while Imperial Works has been producing locks as far back as the early 1900’s.

Built at the turn of the century for the specific purpose of harbouring the lock makers R&F Keats who manufactured locks there until the 50’s, Imperial Works served a number of other industries before Guardian snatched it up. For instance, between the 1950’s and 1985, it had been occupied by a stamping company, a door furnishing maker, and a wholesaler of pet supplies.

In 1989, however, Guardian Lock & Engineering Co. Ltd added 6000 square feet of factory space to the premises, and another 7500 square feet of warehouse, factory, and office space in 1998. And thus began the production of Imperial Locks in Willenhall.

How Much Do Imperial and Willenhall Locks Cost?

Compared to some other lock brands and with respect to quality, Imperial Locks are actually quite affordable. Also, our high purchasing power at KC Worthing Locksmiths ensures that our customers get Imperial Locks at great prices.

For instance, you can get an Imperial 5 Lever Mortice Dead Lock at £25, an Imperial Mortice Bathroom Lock at £21, an Imperial Privacy Turn Sliding Door Lock at £23, and an Imperial Lever Mortice Sash Lock at £26.

How Secure Are Imperial and Willenhall Locks?

The manufacturers of Imperial Locks are known for their stellar quality. They ensure total reliability through their tested and proven production methods. Compared to other lock brands, Imperial Locks avoid low cost economies when sourcing materials. They are the epitome of the efficiency of the British engineering and lock manufacturing industry.

The resultant products are locks that are highly durable and extremely difficult to pick or disable.

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