How To Avoid Getting Locked Out Of Your Apartment

When locked out of your apartment, be it accidentally or maliciously, the first thing you need to do is not panic. Rather, take an important step to solving the problem by assessing the situation.

When locked out, you need to consider things such as; is there something cooking on the stove or is your toddler roaming around your dangerous apartment unsupervised? If your assessment reveals your being locked out is likely to lead to some catastrophe, then by all means, don’t be shy to break down the door or a window to let yourself in.

But taking such desperate action will cost you repair fees.

To altogether avoid getting locked out, we at KC Worthing Locksmith recommend the following.

Perform double checks routinely

It is wise to develop a habit or routine of checking if your keys are where they ought to be. Doing this every time before you leave your apartment can save you a lot of hassle because this habit will help make sure your keys are on you when you need them to be. A routine double check -simply patting your pockets before stepping out- can save you from getting locked out. To help establish this routine in your psyche, you can designate a fixed place for keeping your keys, preferably beside or around your front door. The key having a fixed place by the door will serve as a visual reminder for you to grab them before stepping out.

You can take this a step further by plastering a loud reminder at eye level on the inside of your door – something simple in bold letters will suffice, such as “GRAB KEYS!”

Have spare keys to your residence

Most people don’t give having spare apartment keys the priority they should. A spare key can be a life saver when you’re accidentally locked out of your apartment. If you’re locked out of your apartment but have a spare key, chances are you can let yourself back in without drawing attention to your mishap.

It’s easy to get a spare key. If you’re in the Worthing area or close by, you can contact us at Worthing Locksmith to arrange spare keys for you. But mind you, a spare key is useless if it is inaccessible when you need it. So hide spare keys in strategic locations known to only you and where you can easily reach them in case of a lockout or any other sort of emergency.

Get a key buddy

A key buddy should be someone trustable and preferably someone not far from where you live. Having a key buddy provides you the opportunity of grabbing a spare key (mentioned earlier) from your key buddy to let yourself into your apartment.

Preferably, after using your key buddy’s copy of keys, you should immediately hand them back to the designated key buddy in anticipation of another lockout incident.

Mind you, it’s worth emphasising that your designated key buddy should be someone trustworthy and not someone prone to wilfully or unwilfully compromising the security and sanctity of your abode.

Familiarize yourself with your apartment’s access points

Can you reach your apartment via a fire escape, through the ceiling, ventilation shaft etc.? Are all things you should be aware off to forestall getting locked out without hope of getting back in.

It’s necessary to familiarize yourself with your building’s layout and keep in mind all available points of entry that can be utilized to get you back in. Just make sure when the time comes, you pick one that doesn’t get you stuck.

Discuss with your landlord about master keys

Quite a few apartment buildings provide for master keys that allow landlords unlimited access into apartments. If your landlord doesn’t have a master key, he should get one, because asides from saving you if you get locked out, the master key can also be used to access your apartment in the event of an emergency in your absence.

Discussing about the master key will help you determine if the landlord or caretaker will be there to save you with one when the time comes, or if you’re better off making alternative arrangements.

Locate a local locksmith before you need one

You might get locked out for various reasons, such as your lock getting jammed. In such a scenario, spare keys or master keys won’t be able to save you. Only one that can help will be a locksmith. Instead of wasting valuable time searching for one when you have an emergency lockout situation, it’s better to identify and select a locksmith of your choice beforehand.

Following this advice will save time and stress, while also ensuring you already have a professional, vetted, trustworthy locksmith at your disposal.

If you’re in the Worthing area, Worthing Locksmiths are there for you.

Upgrade your locks

Instead of sticking with traditional keys that you are bound to lose from time to time, why not consider upgrading to a smart lock? Smart locks are locks that can be unlocked and managed via your phone. Statistically speaking, most people care about their phones more than they do about keys. Which means in all likelihood they’ll be more careful in avoiding losing or forgetting their phones. So won’t you be better off using your phone as a secured key system?

While some smart locks can be installed without the help of a professional, we recommend using a locksmith’s service to ensure you get a smart lock that’s right for your needs. A locksmith will also be able to recommend what smart lock is most compatible for your specific apartment.

Pick up lock picking as a hobby

We don’t recommend this with the aim of promoting criminal activities, neither do we recommend picking the lock on a property that is in no way yours and without the consent of said property’s owner or the landlord. That said, if you can pick a standard lock, you probably don’t have to ever worry again about being locked out of your apartment.

If the aforementioned tips fail you, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmith, 01273 634707. We are trustworthy locksmiths who handle lockouts and fix broken locks, as well as provide an extensive list of other services round the clock.


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