EVVA Locks

About EVVA Locks

EVVA locks are known for functionality, durability and innovative designs. Manufactured by EVVA, an Austrian based award winning company with subsidiaries all over Europe, EVVA locks are produced using mechanical and electrical access control systems. As such, whether you need traditional lock systems or a more integrated solution that requires some form of wireless connection, EVVA locks are designed to fit any style, and are built to be durable, appealing to the eyes and to provide adequate security.   From residential to commercial buildings as well as infrastructural facilities, EVVA locks come in various categories which fit any security requirements.

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we endeavour to be the best and provide our Worthing clients with the most comprehensive solutions when it comes to providing security locks, fittings and hardware that are durable and of high quality. This is why we stock EVVA locks and if you would like to further discuss your options or get more information, get in touch with us on 01903 641 250.

EVVA Locks Design

EVVA locks designs come in mechanical locking systems that vary depending on type and function.  With a wide range of cylinders and locking systems, EVVA produces locks with the compact or modular design. As such, clients have access to flexible solutions which they can choose from depending on their needs. From designs that use the 3 Curve System (EVVA 3KS), Magnetic Code System (EVVA MCS), to the Extended Profile system, EVVA locks are flexible and developed to provide the necessary protection for any type of building.

For better integration and security control, EVVA has a range of wirelessly controlled and electronically accessed locking systems with the right amount of flexibility and sophistication to meet modern security requirements. The Airkey is a solution that allows mobile devices using NFC to provide access to the locking system. Other designs include Xesar which is location-based and e-primo locking system.

What is the History of EVVA Locks?

EVVA was founded in 1919. As a family business, the company has thrived at offering consumers a wide variety of locks to fit different requirements. First licensed as Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt (EVVA) which represents Invention, Experimentation and Application Institute, it secured the patent for the cylindrical padlock. Moving forward and in keeping with its philosophy which encourages innovation, EVVA has continued to develop techniques and apply the latest technology in providing security solutions, which can be seen in the quality and functionality of the locks they produce. They have filed over 200 patents, as they continue to be one of the leading security systems provider in Europe.

How Much do EVVA Locks Cost?

EEVA locks are highly cost effective, and give value for money. At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we stock a wide range of EVVA locks, the prices of which are dependent on the type of lock and its locking system and design.

How Secure are EVVA Locks?

EVVA locks are designed to provide adequate security for different types of buildings, whether commercial or residential. In providing adequate protection, there is the anti-snap lock option from EVVA. To find out more about the locking cylinder options and the protection they provide, call us on 01903 641 250.