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Deadbolt…with its weird name, not many people will guess correctly what it does. If you don’t know, you are soon going to find out. This post will tell you how many types of deadbolts there are, and whether an 80kg man can break your deadbolted door with his shoulders.  Professional locksmiths task themselves with questions like the last one every day. The security of our clients depends on it.

You want to be able to relax snuggly in your home in Worthing, without worrying about some stranger barging in unexpectedly. Regardless of where you live, your property should be safe. At least, that’s what locksmiths like us strive to make possible. So, without further ado, here are some important things you should know about a deadbolt.

What is a deadbolt? 

To answer the first question, a deadbolt is a lock mechanism that works by turning a knob or a key without needing a spring. Simply put, it is a lock that opens via a key or knob. It cannot easily be damaged or bored into. Deadbolts are effective at resisting forced entry and hence, offer reliable security for the home.

However, that said, it doesn’t mean a deadbolt is entirely impenetrable. You shouldn’t imagine moving all your valuables from the bank just because you have installed one. The hardiness of your deadbolt will depend on three things:

  • The quality of the deadbolt itself
  • The expertise of your locksmith
  • The quality of your door

Why are deadbolts ideal for domestic security in Worthing?

Deadbolts are important for home security because they offer a tougher means for door locks when compared to other locks available in the market. They are a lot harder for burglars to break into due to their unique locking system.

When it comes to domestic security in Worthing, your deadbolt is just a part of your security– not all of it. It is still important to create additional measures to work cohesively with your deadbolt. You’ll make life more complicated for a potential criminal when they have additional security to bypass.

Types of deadbolts 

Remember I promised to tell you about the various types of deadbolts. As a homeowner or tenant in Worthing, there are options to choose from to ensure your security. The four common types are:

  • Single cylinder deadbolt
  • Double cylinder deadbolt
  • One sided cylinder deadbolt, with exterior rim
  • One sided deadbolt without exterior rim

The type you select will depend on your preference and what’s most suitable considering your security conditions. Bear in mind that although they are deadbolts, not all of them can give you the protection you want if installed on your front door.

To get the most of your out of your deadbolt- in efficiency and strength- ensure you use the right one in the right location. Standard deadbolts have the same fundamental features. This includes, a bolt mechanism, the strike plate, the outer rim and an inner rim.

The mechanism of a deadbolt works on the principle that the bolt is flung back whenever the lock is engaged. It is the centre of any deadbolt lock. The shiny metal plate attached to the door jamb is known as the strike plate. It ensures the lock stays secure inside the door.

Various types of bolts:

Single cylinder bolt

Single cylinder bolts are the standard type most used by Worthing builders and landlords. If you decided to pay more attention to the deadbolts in the homes you visit, you’ll probably find out that a significant number of them are single cylinder bolts.

However, you don’t want to be caught inspecting your neighbour’s locks long after they have invited you in. Not unless you want to answer questions from an officer. The deadbolt makes use of a key on the exterior that instantly draws back the deadbolt from inside the door whenever it is locked.

Double cylinder deadbolts

This type of deadbolt has a keyed cylinder on either side of the lock. Some Worthing landlords prefer to use them because they are believed to be more secure than the first kind of lock. If a thief could somehow reach the inside bolt through the window, they would easily open an ordinary lock.

The mechanism of the double cylinder deadbolt make this impossible. But note that any burglar who can put their hand through your window may likely have other entry alternatives. Unfortunately, as effective as they are, these deadbolts have been listed as an exit danger in a fire emergency.

One sided cylinder dead bolt, with exterior rim

This type of deadbolt is mostly used on the back doors of certain establishments such as small offices, bars, hair salons and restaurants. They are used on doors that are not usually opened from the outside. When they are fixed, the deadbolt can only be operated from the inside. On the outside, there are plates put in position to cover the open part of the door.

This type of deadbolt is ideal in a residential building if the homeowner doesn’t use the back door often. It is difficult to break into because of its unusual contraption.

One sided deadbolt without external trim

This is quite similar to the other types listed, but the exterior side of the door lock will not show any signs there is a deadbolt attached to the interior. It is most suitable on doors where the borehole doesn’t pass through the whole width. So, if someone arrived at the front door, they would meet a door knob, but would be unaware that there is an extra lock on the other side.

The one-sided deadbolt without external rim is a good option for additional home security because the burglar would be unable to tell there is additional security (deadbolt) on the other side of the door. Explicitly, it will get them frustrated by wasting their time, which could get them caught or give an onlooker time to call the police.

Now you know what a deadbolt is, and the various types, can you tell if yours is strong enough to resist a heavy blow?

Sure, it can. Just as long as it’s the right one. Like I said, the strength will depend on the quality of the deadbolt and the professionalism of your locksmith. Remember, when you move into a new property, first change the locks .

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