Corbin Russwin Locks

About Corbin Russwin Locks

Corbin Russwin is a brand of locks that was born in the USA and is currently a part of the Assa Abloy Group of companies. The brand has gained worldwide fame for their high, low and medium security lock cylinders and padlock designs. Their manufacturing operations mostly occur at their Berlin facility in Connecticut, USA.

What is the history of Corbin Russwin Locks?

The Corbin Russwin Company was created in 1839. Since then, the company’s brand has been rated as a leading brand for its quality locks for both commercial and residential buildings.

It all began when Cornelius Erwin and Henry Russell came together to manufacture plate locks in 1839. By 1902, the company started by Russell and Erwin had merged with P. and F. Corbin to become the American Hardware Corporation. Before merging with Russell and Erwin, P. and F. Corbin had been run by Philip Corbin, Frank Corbin and Ed Doen.

In 1964, the American Hardware Corporation was taken over by the Emhart Corporation which was in turn later on acquired by Black & Decker.

The Assa Abloy Group is currently the parent company of Corbin Russwin.

What types of Corbin Russwin Lock designs are available?

Corbin Russwin’s line of lock designs consists of mortise locks, cylindrical locks, and both mechanical and electrical high security key systems. But they are most popular for their mortise locks and cylindrical locks.

Mortise lock

The Grade 1 mortise locks from Corbin Russwin are specifically designed to stay strong and consistently function effectively as the opening mechanism of doors on commercial and institutional buildings with high traffic. The versatility and strength of the lock makes it a good choice for business owners in Worthing who experience a large flow of traffic in and out of their business premises.

Not only is Corbin Russwin’s mortise lock durable, it is also highly secure and is ideal for premises that require constant high security.

Cylindrical lock

Cylindrical locksets from Corbin Russwin are generally used to secure the doors of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings. The locks come with a wide range of features, and are especially popular for being designed to exceed the requirements of ANSI Grade 1.

Depending on your preference for your Worthing premises, Corbin Russwin cylindrical locks can come fitted with either a lever or a knob. These locks are well known among UK locksmiths for their easy installation, strength, and ability to withstand the tests of time.

Examples of durable lever locksets from Corbin Russwin include; the CL3100 Vandal Resistant Locksets, the CL3500 Heavy Duty Lockset, the CL3300 Extra Heavy Duty Locksets, and the CL33900 Electrified Lockset.

Other lock designs from the brand include; Auxiliary Locks, Multi-Point Locks, and Tubular Locks.

How much does a Corbin Russwin lock cost?

The price of a Corbin Russwin lock is usually dependent on its design and features. For a Corbin Russwin lock at a price that’s right for you, call us on 01903 641 250.

How secure are Corbin Russwin Locks?

Corbin Russwin’s reputation for designing locks trustworthy enough to secure your home, loved ones and assets has gained them worldwide recognition among locksmiths.

To get a reliable lock from Corbin Russwin or to repair a Corbin lock already installed on your Worthing premises, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmiths on 01903 641 250.