Common Break In Methods

Burglars tend to pounce when they know you’re least likely to be home. If you’re lucky, the burglars may leave a mess or pick something that you’re bound to notice. However, burglars can also come and go without you realizing they were there. This is especially possible if their target is something you don’t check on often, such as the contents of a safe. In such cases, you may needed a good Worthing Locksmith to ascertain that your locks may indeed have been tampered with.

Use of Brute force

Using brute force to get through a lock is still a common method used by burglars. This is down to the fact that it is extremely effective. Such methods include kicking down the door, drilling through a deadbolt or even smashing in the lock. A commonly used method for some locks involves snapping the cylinders. For the burglars, the downside of using brute force is the amount of noise made.

Signs of Brute force

You can tell that someone used brute force to enter your property if you notice the following signs:

  • Paint circles around the lock. This usually indicates that the lock was being moved around.
  • Doors or doorframes that have been bent
  • Deadbolts and latches that are bent

Using Bump Keys

The use of bump keys has increased in recent times. This method works on cylinder locks and when done by a professional burglar may leave almost no sign since the lock will continue to work.

This method involves using a special ‘bump key’ that forces the lock tumblers into place when hit. Unfortunately, bump keys are easy to access and can even be ordered online.

Signs of a bumped lock

Unless done by a real professional, lock bumping can leave signs such as:

  • Chipping or scratching around the keyhole
  • Freshly exposed metal surfaces that show signs of recent hits

Lock picking has been around for a while but is harder to perform compared to the other methods. Lock picking may also be more time consuming which is why most burglars don’t favor it. This, however, doesn’t rule out the possibility that someone will try to do it. This method involves the use of odd tools to turn the lock and rake the pin tumblers.

Signs of lock picking

When done by a professional, lock picking may leave very little signs behind. The easiest way to notice this is to look out for very fine scratch marks around the keyhole of your lock. Ideally, you should have the lock checked by a Worthing Locksmith like you’d find at KC Locksmiths & Sons.


There are special locks that are designed to prevent break-ins using methods such as lock picking and using bump keys. Hybrid systems such as electronic door locks can also be helpful. To find the best hybrid system, you should consult with a certified Worthing Locksmith.

In the case of forced entry, it is much more difficult to prevent entry using just locks. In such a case, the best solution may be installation of a home security system such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems.

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