Chubb Locks

About Chubb Locks

Chubb is a leading brand name in the lock industry. It is a part of the Mul-T-Lock company which is a subsidiary of the Assa Abloy Group of companies. As the parent company, Assa Abloy is well known around the world to be the No1 manufacturer of high level security locks for commercial and residential buildings.

What types of Chubb lock designs are available?

Our lock specialists at KC Worthing Locksmiths favour Chubb locks especially when our Worthing clients request for a Mortise lock.

A Mortise lock is a specific type of locking mechanism that is fitted into a mortise (squared shaped hole) cut into a door. In Worthing and other parts of the UK, mortise locks can usually be found securing the entrances of older structures. But that doesn’t mean the Mortise isn’t a popular choice for securing modern homes and buildings all across Europe.

Because the Chubb Company has excelled at making Mortise locks and has been the leading brand in the production of mortise locks for decades, most locksmiths in Worthing and across the UK simply refer to all mortise locks as ‘Chubb’.

Mortice locks usually come in form of sashlocks and deadlocks. Depending on your preference and the type of security you’re looking for on your Worthing premises, our lock specialists can also offer you either a Lever Mortice Lock (2lever, 3lever or the 5lever British Standard) or a Cylinder Mortice Lock.

What is the history of Chubb Locks?

Chubb Company originally began business as an ironmonger for a ship. The ironmonger business was started by Chubb Charles in Winchester, England but was then relocated in 1804 to Portsmouth, England.

Charles Chubb decided to refocus his business and switched in 1818 to the locksmith business in Wolverhampton. Charles’ brother, Jeremiah Chubb, joined the Chubb Company and together the brothers sold a patented detector lock that was designed by Jeremiah.

By the year 1823, the Chubb Company was issued a licence by George IV which led to Chubb becoming the only one at the time that could supply locks to the General Post Office. The company later also became a supplier of locks to the British Prison Service. After years of high profile success, Chubb was acquired by Racal in 1984, only to be bought again in 1997 by Williams Plc.

It was in the year 2000 that Chubb became acquired by international lock powerhouse, Assa Abloy Group of companies, who merged Chubb with another of their subsidiaries, Mul-T-Lock, in 2006.

How secure are Chubb Locks?

Mortise locks from Chubb are considered to be very secure by our Worthing lock specialists. This is especially true of Chubb’s 5 lever British Standard Mortice lock that comes with anti-drill plates on both sides of the lock case, as well as a bigger, stronger, reinforced dead bolt for added security. This lock is known to be more resilient than the average lock in resisting lock picking and drilling.

For a Chubb lock to secure your home or business in Worthing, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmiths on 01903 641 250.