Changing Locks On New Properties

According  to widespread research, recent house movers are nearly twice as likely to be burgled.

Locksmiths Worthing have some tips to help prevent such tragedies over the Christmas period, and our sister site, Locksmiths Brighton, share some excellent advice to stop the unthinkable with a few easy steps.

Whether renting or buying your own place, insurance companies and locksmiths fully agree that swift lock changing should elongate the risk of missing key sets from finding their way to an opportunist thief. After a stressful move it can be overlooked, and as result can result in disaster when the lack of lock change makes a home and contents insurance policy void. This step can totally avoid such error and you can be safe in the knowledge as to how many keys are in existence for your new home.

With extensive online tools available to list your property freely,  The House Shop  is becoming a fantastic resource to find the perfect home, whether for a growing family or for a couple just starting out. They know the importance of home security and work with the national press to make tenants and buyers as aware of opportunists around the festive season, and together have some useful tips to ensure peace of mind for you Nd your loved ones this Christmas!

Sheds And Outbuildings

Garden sheds,especially if they contain bicycles, expensive tools and the hidden Christmas presents safely stored by Santa, should be locked with complex padlocks. Try t keep any ladders out of sight I. The garden, making sure no secret under stone keys are left anywhere, as tempting S this is in more rural areas. Alarm systems on sheds can also act as a fantastic deterrent, as well as when they are visible on the rest of the home.

Outside Security Lights

As with the use of  timers for lamps  inside the home, the addition of motion-sensor security lighting can draw attention to anything untoward in your  home and garden from dusk till dawn. With ranges, styles and prices starting from very reasonable prices, this is a great step in improving home security instantly.. If you are planning on going away, a nod to a trusting neighbour to keep an eye out for light activated activity could then help draw attention to the police before any disaster strikes. Security lighting can be of enormous comfort especially for the elderly who live alone.


Whilst many love having the protective nature of a dog’s attention, please don’t leave pets outside for long periods of time and especially when there is no one home. Apart from being an ethically questionable thing to do, this is for both  pets and owners’ own good – with sadly more and more pet thefts occurring around the Christmas holiday period.

Gadget Marking

In the unlucky and unlikely eve to f a Christmas break in, it is very much advisable to make all your items, electrical goods, computers and keepsakes with an ultraviolet pen . This is a fantastic way to prove the ownership of your items if and when they are retrieved and will always support the help with your insurance claim. The pens are a very reasonable priced way to mark the items you cherish the most, and often the most value.

It is probably a good idea to keep such large items out of sight of big windows during  the festive period – however homely and inviting or  welcoming they may look. Home and contents insurance for your beloved and expensive items  is also absolutely essential – from jewellery, books,  mobile phones to guitars, laptops to televisions – with a change of locks you’ll always be covered.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

While we may have a passing ships in the night community, a Freya neighbourhood at Christmas,as time can really enhance the festive skirt and ensure that you all look out for one another. While spare keys from the majority of householders are kept with family members (73%) 14% give spare keys to close neighbours  the event of emergency.

For more advice on home security check out our locksmith blog

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