Locks are an integral part of our lives, and this is made even clearer by how man has been inventing and modifying locks for more than 6,000 years now. Over that period, innovation has brought us more advanced locks that make us feel safe while we are asleep and make us rest assured that what […]

A 6,000 year old locking mechanism from ancient Mesopotamia is on record as one of the first complicated locks created by men. Ancient Egypt birthed a similar technology – a wooden basic pin tumbler lock. This goes to show that man has been keen on his security for a very long time, and fortunately has […]

When locked out of your apartment, be it accidentally or maliciously, the first thing you need to do is not panic. Rather, take an important step to solving the problem by assessing the situation. When locked out, you need to consider things such as; is there something cooking on the stove or is your toddler […]

At KC Worthing Locksmith we provide excellent security services and locksmith solutions to both residential and industrial structures within the Worthing area. Our services ensure our clients can rest easy knowing their properties are secure under our locks. We also offer locksmith solutions to guarantee our client can access their property whenever they so desire, […]

Advancements in security have made it such that even regular locks in homes have caught on to the ‘’smart life.’’  You can now lock your doors remotely and personalize as well as restrict access to your home. The advantages are numerous, but making the upgrade from a regular deadbolt to a smart lock is not […]

According  to widespread research, recent house movers are nearly twice as likely to be burgled. Locksmiths Worthing have some tips to help prevent such tragedies over the Christmas period, and our sister site, Locksmiths Brighton, share some excellent advice to stop the unthinkable with a few easy steps. Whether renting or buying your own place, […]

When torn between investing in a home security system and otherwise, the simplest way to arrive at a decision is to consider that while you have to put down some money to acquire a home security system, not using one can cost you much more when the consequences set in (on the average, a break-in […]

Life is full of emergencies, and it’s during emergencies that everything becomes expensive and people stand the highest risk of hiring a fraud or someone incompetent. That’s why everyone needs to know, and have the numbers of, a great dentist, mechanic, electrician, and a locksmith. So that when an emergency calls, you can deal with […]

How secure are your locks? Many people are unaware of how weak their door locks are until it’s too late. It’s not enough to use the most high-tech locks on your door. Even the strongest, burglarproof doors are susceptible to simple human error. This means that sometimes the problem isn’t the lock but the human […]

Burglars tend to pounce when they know you’re least likely to be home. If you’re lucky, the burglars may leave a mess or pick something that you’re bound to notice. However, burglars can also come and go without you realizing they were there. This is especially possible if their target is something you don’t check […]