Banham Locks

As a property-owner, one of the things you must never take for granted is the security of your building. Ensure your locks are highly-secure and impenetrable to intruders. At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we offer high-level security Banham locks. They are not only reliable, but guaranteed to make life difficult for the common burglar.

About Banham Locks

Banham is London’s biggest supplier of anti-burglary and fire-resistant systems. The company is also an 8-time recipient (consecutively) of the popular Metropolitan Police Awards. This is based on the low number of false police alerts- signifying the high quality of their security products.

Banham is an accredited member of the Master Locksmith Association, as well as a gold standard member of the National Security Inspectorate. With more than 9 decades in the security industry, you can trust in the efficacy of their door locks, security doors, safes and access control entry systems.

What is the history of Banham Locks?

Banham Locks was established by Banham, Williams in 1926. At the time, he developed the original automatic door-bolt and became a leading manufacturer of high-quality locks. Since then, Banham has been at the vanguard company for anti-burglary and fire prevention systems. Today, they are leaders in the production and installation of quality security locks and systems.

The British company is family-owned and run, especially for a company of its size in today’s dynamic business environment. The company is currently run by the William Banham’s grandson, steering the company into its 3rd generation. Since its first manufacturing of locks, Banham has expanded to provide other services and products such as safes, fire alarms, CCTV monitors, access control, door entry systems and more.

The company is headquartered in Earlsfield and has branches in Golders Green, Guidford, Kensington and Maidenhead.

What is the design of a Banham Lock?

The design of a Banham lock varies with the type and model, but a typical L2000 Rim Deadbolt comes in various finishes from polished chrome to polished brass, bronze, satin chrome and satin brass. It is ideal for doors between 30mm and 50mm thick. Doors thicker than 50mm will need to have the cylinder extended.

Other features include a patent protected cylinder and key, and a 6-pin drill resistant cylinder. The key registration system is patent protected and copyrighted to prevent imitation. It also has a secure 10” striker plate on the door frame and a steel bolt that is resistant to saw.

How does a Banham door lock work?

The Banham double cylinder automatic deadlocking deadlatch is self-locking and guarantees an immediate lock system. The door can be locked for when the homeowner is inside and when they are vacating the premises. For maximum security, an indicator must be flush with the surface lock when the door is closed. This ensures the lockbolt is fully thrown and the deadlocking mechanism is fully in position.

How secure is a Banham lock?

As evidenced by its multiple awards and recognition by the London Police, Banham locks are extremely secure and reliable. The company is the official security firm of London Met.

How Much do Banham Locks Cost?              

A standard L2000 Rim Deadbolt (minus the cylinder) costs £132. An M2002 Mortice Deadlocks cost £303.50 and a Split Colour goes for a list price of £37.

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