Assa Abloy Locks

About Assa Locks

Within the UK, ASSA is the official trading branch of the ASSA ABLOY Group.

60 years after their entry into the UK market and economy, ASSA’s locks have become popular amongst UK locksmiths as a trustworthy and reliable brand. In Worthing, home and business owners with ASSA locks on their doors recognise the high quality, versatility, and reliability of the brand’s locking systems. The security of commercial and government institutions in the UK are also benefactors of the added security that come with the installation of an Assa lock.

Assa operates as a subsidiary of the ASSA ABLOY Group of companies, a Swedish lock manufacturer with worldwide recognition as the No1 manufacturer of lock systems.

What type of Assa Lock designs are available?

Since its inception, the Assa brand has made it a point to deliver lock designs that set it apart from its competitors in both aesthetic design and security features. With constant innovation, the brand has exceled at delivering products under the following categories to secure homes and assets;

  • Mechanical locks
  • Electromechanical and electronic locks
  • Access control systems
  • Security doors
  • Hinges
  • Key management systems
  • Intelligent lockers

What is the history of Assa Locks?

August Stenman in 1881 established the ASSA Company in Eskilstuna, Sweden. After years of global success creating high quality locking systems for residential and commercial buildings, the Assa brand decided to establish a branch of itself in the UK in 1946.

In 1994, the ASSA ABLOY Group of companies began forming when Assa AB broke away from its partner company, Securitas AB. It was soon after this happened that Abloy Oy, a Finnish security lock company, was acquired by Assa AB.

Over time, the ASSA ABLOY Group which is the parent company of Assa has managed to rise to the pinnacle of the lock manufacturing industry.

How much do Assa locks cost?

The price of an Assa lock is usually dependent on its design and features. For an Assa lock at a price that’s right for you, call us on 01903 641 250.

How secure are Assa Locks?

The celebrated reliability and strength of Assa’s locks in keeping premises in Worthing safe comes from their lock’s design – they have been designed to withstand the rigours of harsh climates, and long use. Over the years, quality Assa locks have also been designed with increased security features to make them resistant to lock picking and other forms of break-in techniques favoured by burglars.

Some locks from the Assa brand recommended by our locksmith specialists for your Worthing home or business include;

  • ASSA Twin Combi 5800: This locking mechanism is rated Code Level 7 because it puts maximum protection on your locking system and forestalls unpermitted duplication of your lock’s keys.
  • ASSA dp4400: This patented locking system gives your premises the height of protection with its 6 pin tumbler system. The locking mechanism is generally made of hardened steel to forestall brute force break-in tactics such as drilling.
  • ASSA Flexcore Plus: This locking mechanism’s 5 pin tumbler incorporates anti-picking features that’ll frustrate any would be break-in.

The Assa brand excels at manufacturing and distributing both traditional mechanical locks and high quality electronic locks. To get one for your Worthing home or business, contact us at KC Worthing Locksmith on 01903 641 250.