ASEC Locks

Compared with other centuries-old lock brands, ASEC may be described as the ‘new lock on the block’, but its contribution to the security industry cannot be ignored. The brand has fast become a favourite among locksmiths in the UK, and at KC Worthing Locksmiths, it is no different. Here are a few more interesting things to know about securing your home with ASEC locks.

About ASEC Locks

ASEC specialises in the manufacture of affordable security solutions for every project and application with a broad range of available products including Rim Night-latches, Sashlocks, Digital Door Locks and Mortice Deadlocks.

The British security company is based in Manchester and aims at providing security for home and office environments. As a result, it continually seeks to improve its product offering to keep people assured of the safety of their loved ones and belongings.

ASEC is strongly digital-oriented and a huge provider of access control entry, most suitable in commercial and industrial environments. They could also be used in work areas with top secret projects or labs reserved for private research. In spite of that, ASEC also provides simple padlocks for bikes as well as high security safe/cashbox locks.

What is the History of ASEC Locks?

ASEC Security was founded in 2003 in Manchester. Barely overly a decade old, the company may not boast of a rich history as other players in the British lock and security industry. However, its effectiveness is not in the past, but in its current operations.

ASEC Security is popularly known among security installers and locksmiths for manufacturing high-quality security products. Since its inception, it has been trusted by Ironmongery experts and locksmiths. The company is one of the leading security firms in the UK, and is renowned for serving both the domestic and commercial market sectors.

Regardless of project scope, ASEC locks come in a range of affordable suites designed to fit any budget. Whether it is a garden padlock or a high security digital access entry for your office, you’ll find a solution from ASEC Security.

At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we are authorised dealers of ASEC Security products, so you can get original ASEC brand locks at our store.

What is the ASEC lock Design?

With a portfolio of over 1,900 high-security range of products, the ASEC brand has a lot to offer in form of design and model. ASEC’s cylinder locks alone come in Euro, Oval, Rim, Screw-In, Specialist and Accessory designs.

The Euro Profile cylinders come in British Standard 3 Star, 1 star, 6 Pin and 5 Pin. All models come with a stainless-steel cylinder core that prevents snapping and breaking.

How does an ASEC Lock work?

The standard Euro Double Cylinder like the ASEC 70mm Kite Elite, includes a 3 Star Kitemarked cylinder with an anti-snap function that gives your property protection, and you the reassurance you need. Each lock type contains a 6-pin locking mechanism and is BSI Kitemarked.

How Secure is an ASEC Lock?

ASEC Locks are available in low to medium and high security functions. Depending on the application, you can get a high security access control lock or a simple garden padlock.

How much do ASEC Locks cost?

Here’s an over view of a few ASEC lock prices

  • ASEC AS2300 Keyless Lock- £30.47
  • ASEC BS 5 Lever Sashlock – £24.28
  • ASEC 5-Pin Euro Double Cylinder – £16.60
  • ASEC Euro or Oval Cylinder Nightlatch Case- £35.68

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