ABUS Locks

You’ll probably have heard about ABUS locks but how much do you know about the company? If you are seeking an all-inclusive security solution for your home or office premises, take a cue from our locksmiths. At KC Worthing Locksmiths, we recommend the strong locks from the ABUS brand for impenetrable security and protection.

About ABUS Locks

ABUS or August Bremicker Sohne KG is a security technology company based in Wetter-Volmarstein, Germany. It is also a global leader in the manufacture of bike locks. The company name is actually an acronym from the original name August Bremicker und Sohne.

The ABUS brand is a multinational company with two other subsidiaries; ABUS Pfaffenhaim GmbH and ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG and a total of 3,5000 employees worldwide.

The ABUS group is takes protection of life and valuables seriously and has made significant contributions to the provision of strong security. In order to achieve this, it has developed mechanical and electronic security solutions for safety and security of its users. The company’s positioning statement reads, “Providing people with innovative security technologies since 1924.”

What is the history of ABUS Locks?

ABUS was founded by August Bremicker and his sons in 1924, in the sleepy little village of Volmarstein, Germany. At the time, the company business was focused on producing padlocks. The business which started in the cellar of the family home flourished into a corporate organisation with several global operations.

For over 90 years, ABUS security solutions have manufactured at 3 different locations in Germany. The latest studies by major market research companies have revealed how ABUS is able to further expand it world renowned brand while retaining its global significance. The latest technology expansion has been into mobile security solutions.

The company’s time stream shows that in 1938, it reached a staff strength of 800 employees. However, it lost most of its staff during the second world war and resumed afterwards in 1947 with 70 employees. In 2001, ABUS acquired Augsburg-based security company and entered into video surveillance. It has since continued to maintain its leading position in the global security industry.

What is the ABUS Lock design?

Over the years, ABUS has evolved its lock design from standard cylinder locks to more enhanced digital security systems (access control entry). However, the typical cylinder lock is made of a stainless-steel core to provide security and flexibility with modular reversible key systems. The design provides resistance to pulling, drilling and breaking.

How does the ABUS lock work?

The stainless-steel elements in the cylinder core gives the lock a standard iron-clad security. This features the resilient stainless steel drill protection piece and a stainless-steel bar. The toughened elements in the cylinder interior provide anti-drill, anti-pry and anti-break protection.

How secure is an ABUS lock?

The ABUS brand boasts of its high-security lock system. Through the years, its combination of traditional and digital security systems guarantees an impenetrable access for intruders.

How much do ABUS Locks cost?

The cost of ABUS range of products varies for each model and function. For instance, its 787 Key Garage Key Safe costs £21.02 and the ABUSS 155 Series Combination Padlock goes for £6.31.

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