10 Trusted Door Lock Brand Names With Worldwide Recognition

Locks are an integral part of our lives, and this is made even clearer by how man has been inventing and modifying locks for more than 6,000 years now. Over that period, innovation has brought us more advanced locks that make us feel safe while we are asleep and make us rest assured that what we love is safe while we’re away.

We at KC Worthing Locksmith have used all brands of locks over the years as experienced professional locksmiths. Based on that experience, we’ve compiled a list of door lock brands we’ve found to be the most trustworthy, which our customers say give them the best security. We present to you the best in securing your doors, starting with;


The man behind Schlage was Walter Schlage whose first invention was patented in 1909 – a door lock capable of turning lights on and off. After 54 years as a successful lock enterprise that introduced many innovations, the Schlage Company was acquired in 1974 by Ingersoll Rand, a hugely successful manufacturer of construction equipment.

In 2013, Schlage as part of Ingersoll was purchased by Allegion, an American manufacturer of security products.

From its inception, the Schlage brand has been a celebrated and widely recognised for its innovation. Although more expensive than other brands of locks, such as Kwikset, Schlage justifies its extra cost by providing tougher locks that are harder to pick or force open. Cylinders by Schlage, such as the Primus and Everest, in the experience of KC Worthing Locksmith, have been relatively bump and pick resistant


The brand was founded by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart in 1946 when they introduced the world to their tubular lock named “Kwikset” because of how quick and easy it was to install. In 1957, the brand was acquired by the American Hardware Corporation, and it was during this relationship that Kwikset attained the title of “#1 Manufacturer of Residential Locksets”, a title that has never been lost.

In 1992, after 40 years of making competitively priced locks, Kwikset moved to creating their higher-quality Titan line. In 2007, the brand introduced its first SmartScan, keyless security technology which uses a fingerprint scan as its key. The company improved the technology in 2010 by releasing the Key Control Deadbolt featuring SmartKey rekey technology.

Because of the marketing and the trustworthiness of their brand, Kwikset can be found on the doors of almost every home in the USA. A standard Kwikset lock is usually the cheapest brand of lock you can buy. Unfortunately, this translates to a standard Kwikset lock being quickly picked and is not very bump resistant. It is worth mentioning that its SmartKey cylinders are more resistant to break-ins.


Baldwin locks aren’t as widely available as Kwikset or Schlage, but what they lack in popularity they make up for in ornate beauty and strength. Evidence of this is when Jackie Kennedy, widow of assassinated US president JFK, commissioned the Baldwin Company to create never-to-be-replicated rim locks for her private retreat. Baldwin outshone other locks by introducing a new standard that went beyond functionality and proved aesthetically pleasing and durable.

While Baldwin locks are not the best, they’re surely not the worst. And we at KC Worthing Locksmith will go as far as to say Baldwin are some of the stronger locks available commercially.


There’s hardly anyone who’s seen a lock who can claim to never having seen a Yale lock. Their popularity is such that in certain circles the word lock is substituted with the name Yale. That’s how popular and trusted this brand is.

Linus Yale Jr, the son of the founder of Yale Locks, joined the family business in 1850 and went on to improve and perfect his father’s invention of the pin tumbler cylinder lock. The breakthrough made Linus Jr the locking expert of his time, and most won’t argue about the greatness of the Yale product and Yale Jr’s invention. Every brand using the cylinder lock is doing so thanks to Yale’s innovation.

The popularity of Yale locks has gained a steady momentum in the UK, especially after the introduction in 1879 of the Yale line of padlocks. Yale was acquired by ASSA-ABLOY Group in August 2000.


ASSA-ABLOY was formed in 1994 and manufactures the locks of the HID, Lockwood, Medeco, Yale, Chubb, Besam, VingCard Elsafe, Traka, Securitron, Mul-T-Lock, and Emtek Products Inc brands.

Before it began its extensive campaign of acquisitions, ASSA-ABLOY through its founder Emil Henriksson had already made a name for itself by inventing the disc tumbler lock mechanism.

In 2013, to show how popular ASSA-ABLOY had become it was positioned #78 on Forbes’ “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” list.

Corbin Russwin

Russwin merged with Corbin to become American Hardware, and was acquired by ASSA-ABLOY and rechristened Corbin Russwin. The company’s locks are popular with schools and other institutions with high foot traffic.


This brand is famous for its logo of a key transforming into a musclebound man. The fame isn’t just cosmetic as their locks have been proven to be impressively secure.

RR Brink

You want to put a lock on a prison cell, you call RR Brink – tested and trusted by the penitentiary system in the United States. Their locks have been keeping convicted criminals locked away for decades, and still do.


Not a very popular brand among the general public, but extremely trusted by those who know the name and the products that carry the name. Evva’s MCS model is the reason for this confidence. As far as we are aware at KC Worthing Locksmiths, the MCS lock has yet to be successfully picked, an assertion no other brand can make.


Medeco was founded as the ‘Mechanical Development Company.’ The company invented a unique mechanism that uses angled key cuts combined with elevating and rotating special pin tumblers to create a lock tough to pick and an unparalleled assurance of security. This device was patented and is available exclusively on Medeco products.

While not being absolutely unpickable, Medeco can still brag of a level of security that no other brand can offer. And their fame is well deserved.

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